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The entire leadership of Rhema Zambia is praying and standing in faith with you during this trying season. This month, we are encouraging you to continue standing in faith and holding onto the promises of God. Let the light of Christ shine through you and your family.



In 2016, Stephen felt led by God to enroll in Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia, and it was during this period that they saw their business turn around. Stephen and Donnia Chanza established an immigration consultancy service company in 2012. Just like most startups, they experienced various challenges when building their business.


During his time at RBTCZ, he began to put into practice what he was learning in class and their business excelled. Inspired by the results in their business and her husband’s personal transformation, Donnia decided to follow in his footsteps by enrolling in Rhema as well. In applying God’s business principles, which she had learned at Rhema, she noticed that the teachings were bearing fruit and changing their customers’ perception of the services they offered.
While on a business assignment, and in being a good steward of the principles taught at RBTCZ, Donnia served one of their clients with such excellence that the client commended her for the exceptional service she had offered. The client’s firm was astounded at how professional she was and how she worked with such integrity. In response to the client’s compliment, Donnia attributed the quality service to the impact RBTCZ has had on her personal life, business, and family. The client was so inspired that they decided to donate K10,000 towards the purchase of books for Rhema Zambia. Donnia is a second-year student (2020) at Rhema Bible Training Center (RBTCZ). Through their integrity, Stephen and Donnia are making a difference in their business and are being the light that we are all called to be as believers.
“God loves a cheerful giver!” 2 Corinthians 9:7


While it is easy to honor God by giving cheerfully, the process of moving our gifts from one point to another requires some effort that is not always practical and efficient. To help you maintain that cheerful giving, we have introduced two new mobile-money giving platforms as can be seen below.

Instructions are as follows:
For Airtel:
Customer dials *778#
Selects Option 4: Make Payment
Selects Option 5: Goods and Services
Select 1. Enter Merchant Code
Enter Business Name  RHEMA *not case sensitive
Enter Amount:

Enter Reference: (If student number was 584)
For students (SP584)
For Alumni  (AP584)
For others (IP584)
Enter pin

Customer dials *303*2*6#
Enter merchant ID: RHEZ:
Enter amount:

Enter the reference: (If student number was 584)
For students (SP584)
For Alumni  (AP584)
For others (IP584)
Enter pin

Through your partnership with Rhema Zambia, the load of ministry is lightened, strength is increased, resources are multiplied, and people are reached with the life-saving and life-changing gospel more quickly.

Thank you for being a cheerful giver!

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