Once Rhema Always Rhema

Since the beginning of RHEMA Bible Training Center Zambia (RBTCZ) in 2010, RHEMA has established itself as a premier training center for believers in ministry and market place. Training people of all ages and from all nationalities the spiritual and natural side of what it takes to minister the Word of Faith in today’s world. With over 80,000 alumni who have spread themselves worldwide, countless people have become familiar with and recognize the RHEMA difference.

It is the RHEMA Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ) mission to support the furtherance of the RHEMA Bible Training Center and serve our alumni family. We support our school by promoting people’s interests, encouraging financial commitment, and celebrating its continual progress. As the Alumni Association, we are committed to serving our alumni family as we serve Him (God).

 Stephen Chanza

RAAZ President

‘Alumni’ is a Latin word meaning, “nourished” or “fed”, it is used to refer to graduates. The name itself already defines those who are entitled to the privilege of joining a family of graduates from Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia (RBTCZ), who are interested in staying connected to what they received during their training and continue to grow in the knowledge of God.












James Sichone

James Sichone

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Mary Kaundulu

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Stan Kanto

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Recharge small groups are healthy small groups of alumni in different locations who are of the same interest meeting consistently to share their victories and challenges, supporting each other spiritually and materially, as they remain recommitted to the Rhema spirit. The Recharge groups exist as platforms for communication, care and recommitment of RAAZ members to Rhema. They are accountability structures to help realize the Rhema Zambia mandate. We believe the successes of these small groups and our overall growth objectives is largely directly linked to four core values.

Our Commitment

Our Commmunication

Our Care

Our Accountability

Benefits To Recharge Members

  • Be a part of a group of people who are of the same mindset as one navigates the challenges of life.
  • Be part of the Worldwide Elite Rhema Family
  • Prayer support.
  • Receive specific support from former Rhema students for projects and personal life.

What is RAAZ?

In Zambia, the Rhema Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ) began in 2012, continuing a vision that began at RHEMA Bible Training College in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA with the purpose of keeping Rhema’s graduates united by their convictions.

RAAZ exists to promote a unified fellowship among the Rhema Zambia alumni family and to foster the interests and advancement of RBTCZ toward the training of laborers for the end-time harvest. RAAZ also exists to give care and communication by providing both logistics and guidance for all Rhema Alumni.

  • Care
  • Communication
  • Connection

We have 643 gradautes from 2012 to 2020.

RAAZ Targets

  • RAAZ is the glue that keeps an ongoing relationship with graduates – (Keep everyone connected consistently)
  • Financial partnership from those that have graduated.
  • Continued Rhema content delivery of relevant material (Social sites, newsletters, resources, webpage)

RAAZ events

  • Four events in the year where alumni gather to fellowship and grow. Equip Conference in March
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Worship, Prayer
  • During graduation
  • Recharge Small Groups: Recharge groups are healthy environments where Rhema Alumni with similar interests and/or career paths, can meet, be encouraged and find support for one another in smaller groups. It is a platform for communication, care, share victories, challenges, supporting each other spiritually, materially and remaining committed to the Rhema Spirit.
  • International Conferences such as Winter Bible Seminar (WBS) takes place every February and Kindle the Flame Women’s conference (KTF) that takes place every September in Tulsa, USA. You can visit the Rhema office for information on the conferences.


  • Join us as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit in true worship and networking
  • Click here to register now!

Benefits of Joining RAAZ

  • It keeps you connected with Rhema and helps you “give back” to your alma mater. As the Rhema family, we are stronger together!
  • Subscription to the RAAZ newsletter with testimonies, self-care, mentorship and resources on a variety of important subjects.
  • Access to the ministerial opportunities portion of the alumni website, where you can list or find ministry positions.
  • Class visitation and attendance privileges at RBTCZ.
  • Connection to the alumni body through the Recharge small groups

What is RMAI?


  • To provide an avenue of unity, strength, and fellowship between Rhema Bible Training Center graduates.
  • To assist RMAI members in the establishment of the ministry to which God has called them.
  • To recognize proven ministries in the Body of Christ through membership in Rhema Ministerial Association International as licensed or ordained ministers.
  • To provide a vehicle through which counsel is available to a member for the purpose of encouraging accuracy and soundness in doctrine, procedure, ethics, and conduct.
  • To provide a system whereby ministerial replacements and interim ministers for churches or ministries may be recommended and contacted.
  • To assist in producing strong, capable, and ethical ministerial leadership in the Body of Christ.
  • To provide current ministerial information to the RMAI membership.


  • The applicant must be a minimum of 20 years of age.
  • The applicant must be a Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia graduate.
  • The applicant must adhere to the RMAI Tenets of Faith.
  • The applicant must be engaged in active ministry (either full-time, part-time, or volunteer) in a qualifying ministry role such as: Pastor, Missionary, Itinerant
  • The applicant, if pastoring, must be conducting official church services in a public facility (not in a home) and have an average attendance of 10 to be considered for licensing.
  • The applicant, if itinerating, must have conducted meetings an average of once per month for the past three months, and must have an average of one meeting per month scheduled for the next three months.
  • An annual renewal and fee are required by 31 March for RMAI credentials to remain current and valid. Any exceptions to the above requirements require a waiver from the RMAI Executive Administrative Board.


    • Pay ZMK500 for application process (Non-refundable)
    • RMAI License renewal fee every March for all RMAI ordained pastors/ minister: ZMK200
    • Click here to download application form

View RMAI Directory

What is RAMP?

The Rhema Alumni Mentoring Pastors (RAMP) is a alumni program where senior pastors are mentored to build strong and effective churches in Zambia. The Mentorship Program is undertaken annually.  The mentors share knowledge, advice, provide guidance, motivation, emotional support with the mentees who are drawn from RHEMA Zambia graduates.


  • Be a Rhema graduate.
  • Be a Senior Pastor and registered with preferably EFZ.
  • The Church must be registered with the Registrar of Societies.
  • Adhere to the Rhema Mentorship Code Of Ethics.
  • Be a paid up and active member of Rhema Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ).
  • Must have at least 20 church members.


Rhema Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ) exists to promote a unified fellowship among the Rhema Zambia Alumni family as well as to foster the interests and advancement of RBTCZ. To achieve our mission, we need people to help us reach out to our alumni online. Let us know which area we can plug you into. Available serving opportunities:
  • Administration (Alumni Database updates)
  • Partnerships
  • Recharge Small Groups (Leading and hosting)
  • Alumni Care
  • Communication (Proofreading, Social Media updates, Newsletter articles)
  • Missions
  • Event Planning (Hospitality, Catering)
  • Graphics
  • Praise & Worship
  • Training (Leadership, Team building, Worship, Event Planning, Finances)
Contact the RAAZ office on  +260 977 480 033 or email