Faculty members are chosen locally and abroad after careful consideration to their call, life, testimony and personal integrity. The scriptures are clear that we are to know those who labor among us. The faculty at RHEMA Bible Training Center comes with a wealth of combined experience and expertise in their respective fields of ministry and life. This is a noted characteristic of RHEMA Zambia, that seasoned ministers provides the critical experience factor to enable the next generation to learn from the triumphs and failures of those who have gone before them. RHEMA provides the students exposure to the diversity of ministerial gifts as described in Ephesians 4:11-12. This diversity is one of the key ingredients that is combined to ensure the full development of students into mature believers and ministers.

Local Instructors

Walker Schurz

Pastor Walker Schurz

Pastor Walker serves as the Senior Pastor of Miracle Life Family Church in Lusaka, Zambia…. Read More

Haley Schurz

Pastor Haley Schurz

Pastor Haley serves as the Senior Pastor of Miracle Life Family Church in Lusaka, Zambia…Read More

Irene Banda

Dr Irene Banda

Irene Banda is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for .. Read More

Benjamin Moyowambuya

Pastor Benjamin Moyowambuya

Jordan Benjamin Moyowambuya is currently serving as an Associate Pastor at Miracle. Read More..

Harrison Sakala

Bishop Harrison Sakala

Harrison Sakala is the founder and current pastor of Tabernacle of David PAOG here in Lusaka… Read More

Fortune Mwiza

Bishop Fortune Mwiza

Fortune Lubinda Mwiza is the current presiding Bishop of Deliverance Church Zambia Read More..

Alice Kanema

Alice Kanema

Alice Kanema, a University of Zambia and Rhema-Zambia graduate is currently the Read More..

Natasha Zgambo

Natasha Zgambo

Natasha is the children’s department director at Miracle Life Family Church Read More..

Gen K

Charles Katongo

Brigadier General Charles Jacob Katongo is a retired Zambia Air force officer who had Read More..

Mina Mukuma

Mina Mukuma

Mina Mukuma serves at Miracle Life Family Church as Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastors Read More..

Andrew Sakala

Rev Andrew Sakala

Andrew Sakala attended Birmingham Bible Institute where he studied Biblical  Read More..

Oliver Moono

Bishop Oliver Moono

Oliver Moono is the presiding Bishop of CTR. He is a 2013 Rhema graduate with vast Read More..

Nigel Musongeli

Nigel Musongeli

Nigel Musongeli is a current Founder and Missionary at Equip Tools Missions. Read More