Dr Irene Banda

Irene Banda

Irene Banda is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for empowering upcoming entrepreneurs. She is Founder & CEO at TUCUZA Associates Ltd, and directs its vision of building sustainable businesses in communities. She is currently spearheading start-up businesses including an out-grower project in North-Western Province. Irene has a corporate background in retail banking and microfinance with international exposure covering Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Irene has a doctorate degree (PhD) from the Middlesex University with Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK. She is an Executive Coach and Consultant with Creative Metier of the UK and is an accredited ITC ILO trainer/ facilitator for the Making Microfinance Work Training Programmes.

Irene is not married.  She teaches Master Planning, Biblical Economics, Developing Leaders Around and Within and Effective Communication at RBTCZ