Francisca Phiri’s Testimony

What are your full names?

 Francisca Zulu Phiri

What do you do for a living?

 Am an entrepreneur, I do events planning.

What passion projects are you currently working on?

Am currently mentoring women in entrepreneurship skills. I have always been passionate about the need for a woman to be financially independent despite her education or family background, so 4 years ago I identified women who needed mentorship and financial empowerment in order to come out of the cycle of poverty.

Where are you currently serving in your local church?

Am currently serving under the hospitality team.

How long have you been a born again Christian?

I have been a believer for over 20yrs

How would you describe your life before RHEMA?

Before RHEMA my life was filled with a lot of regrets, uncertainty and I lacked direction and guidance. My health was always failing because of depression but during my first year at RHEMA God worked on me and my life has changed for the better. I am now in perfect health because am healed of Christ.

How has RHEMA helped you in finding or Q & A fulfilling your purpose?

I have found fulfillment and purpose through the word of truth that is taught at RHEMA. My eyes where opened to great truths the very first day I sat in for orientation and what I have learnt through every course cannot be traded for anything. I do not regret doing RHEMA because it’s a life transforming program!

What plans do you have after you graduate from RHEMA?

After RHEMA my plan is to go out and empower more women with the word of God and entrepreneurship skills .I know that I will be very effective because of the knowledge I have acquired through RHEMA.

What courses have impacted your life the most?

It’s hard to pick out because every course has positively impacted my life but just to sum it up I think the following are my personal favorites: Search for significance, The Authority of a Believer, Christ the Healer, The Holy Spirit and His gifts, Personal Growth and Development, Developing Leaders Around You and Boundaries.

What message do you have for prospective RHEMA Students?

RHEMA is not just a Bible Training Center, it’s God’s way of connecting you to ministry partners and mentors.