Muna Singh’s Testimony

What are your full names?

Muna Singh

What do you do for a living?

I own a workshop that repairs cars, mechanical, panel beating and painting. I also run a farm in Chisamba

What passion projects are you currently working on?

I assist in running Alpha at my local church and teach the word of God to my employees at the workshop and farm to help them see Gods promises become reality in their lives. I am also developing the farm into become a thriving commercial farm.

Where are you currently serving in your local church?

I serving in the Alpha Course ministry

How long have you been a born again Christian?

I was born again in 2007, so it’s been 13 years now!

How would you describe your life before RHEMA?

I was a Christian who thought I knew quite a lot, but realized that all I knew was just the surface of Christianity. Now I am understanding so much at a deeper level, it’s like re-filling the foundation and building it on a much bigger foundation which has now become so much stronger.

How has RHEMA helped you in finding or Q & A fulfilling your purpose?

RHEMA teaches us the truth and everything taught comes from the bible and then showed how this then can be our lives in reality, so RHEMA has broadened my understanding of who god is, what’s he like, who am I, what has god entrusted to me, what authority I have and how can I make this world a better place by displaying god through me

What plans do you have after you graduate from RHEMA?

To continue in greater measure of sharing Christ where ever I am; at home, work, farm and any other place. we all don’t need to become pastors, but we all need to share Christ across the world. to be bold enough to jump at every opportunity given to share Gods word on any platform that is given to me because of my fame, position or just presented in front of me.

What courses have impacted your life the most?

I find this very hard to answer because every course is so relevant and important. However, one of the lessons I learned is that never judge an Instructor because those that look so simple have the biggest impact and are used by God in an extra ordinary way. This made me realize it’s really not about us, who you are, what you do, how you talk or what you wear, God uses the available and not the able.

What message do you have for prospective RHEMA Students?

If I had the money, I would pay for every Christian to do RHEMA it is that important. The bible says that in the end times, there will be many that come in his name, yet he does not know them. How will you know what is right or wrong unless you are taught? How can one know which is fake unless he has seen the real or genuine? We need to know the truth for ourselves and then teach others to do the same. Today the fake prophets are emptying your pockets because you don’t know, the bible says “my people perish because of lack of knowledge” this knowledge is available here now, why are you even thinking about it. Don’t wait for a crisis before you make a decision, do it now in preparedness for the future.